Webinar Recording | Take-Back & Recycling obligations in international e-commerce

This is what you NEED to know!

Here you can learn all about the legal requirements for electrical and electronic devices (WEEE), packaging and batteries within the EU.

In this Webinar, we will also take a closer look at the reasons behind the laws, the goals that the laws aim to achieve, the consequences for non-compliance and how you can ensure full compliance while keeping your costs and time efforts at a minimum.


Date: 25.08.2021

Day: Wednesday

Time: 10:30

Duration: 1 hour

There are environmental guidelines in every county and every online trader is affected, because according to the waste laws, they must ensure the proper disposal for their products, that they put on the market (electronics, packaging and batteries). Whoever puts the products into circulation, is required to have the necessary registrations and ensure the logistics and disposal in each country. However, the registrations, logistics and disposal requirements vary greatly in each country, making compliance complex and inconsistent.

In this webinar you will also find out:

  • Why and how am I affected as an online trader?
  • How do the national and international laws differ?
  • How can I fulfill my legal obligations 100%, while keeping the costs and my time at a minimum?
  • How can I avoid sanctions, fines and legal warnings?


Sven Düerkop

Sven Düerkop

Junior Key Account Manager International

Anja Lange

Anja Lange

Senior Key Account Manager International

About Deutsche Recycling

Deutsche Recycling is an independent, internationally operating company that is at home in the areas of the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act/WEEE, the German Packaging Act and the German Batteries Act.

We are by your side to advise you on these topics in and for Germany, but above all also internationally/worldwide. As a full-service company, we take care of the laborious work involved in licensing/registration, quantity reports and the important appointment of an authorised representative (WEEE) for you – legally secure and cost-efficient at all times, of course.